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Homeless Program Index

Warming Fire

The Warming Fire
University of Chicago Archives

Our index of "innovative" programs for the homeless remains a work in progress. Some would say under construction. We are short on both money and time to properly contact homeless service providers for detailed information. Those that appear have graciously responded to electronic queries. We ask your help in making the Homeless Program Index a useful tool. If you are a service provider, please consider using the response form below to describe your facility or service. There is no charge for this listing or for updates as necessary. If you are a client or a former client and would like to add information to this index, please use the form or a brief e-mail to, using the word index in the subject field of the message header.

If your browser software is not capable of displaying frames (as in the case of Lynx), you already will have been diverted to a text-only version of the Homeless Program Index. However, you have the option of choosing simple text from the static table of contents displayed in the left frame. This may be useful in sending material to a printer in certain circumstances.

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Other Index Resources

National Coalition for the Homeless
Probably the most up-to-date list of homeless resources anywhere

CSF homeless resource links
Over sixty links to other sites; CSF homeless archives

International Union of Gospel Missions
Directory of 250 affiliated shelters and services

Tedrico's Page
Homelessness, hitchhiking, panhandling, and homeless programs

Add Listing

The following form has been designed for your convenience. You may wish to print out a copy of the blank form for use while composing your answers. Once the draft is ready to go, enter your responses in the appropriate areas below. Please allow several working days for your entry to appear in the index.

1. What is the common public name of your facility or service?

2. What is your public e-mail address?

3. Do you have a web page?

No Yes--if so, what is the URL (page address)?

4. What is your street address, city, state, and zip?

5. What is your business telephone number, including area code?

6. Please indicate whether your facility accommodates men, women, or both.

Men Women Both

7. What is your current capacity?

8. Please describe, in 200 words or less, your major program(s) for homeless people.

Looks okay. Please add my listing to your index.

Clear entire form and begin again.

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