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Overgrazing on BLM land near Elgin, Arizona
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Class Field Trip Photos

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The Professor

Dr. Leavitt explaining Sonoran desert biome

Proposed Mine 

28,000 acres on hold; ASARCO cites low copper prices

Graduate Assistant

Graduate Assistant Melanie Lenart begins a trench

Acid Bottle

HCl causes limestone to fizz

Graduate Assistant

Graduate Assistant Lisa Verts with students


On-the-road comfort at Audubon Research Ranch

The Digger

Digging within woody perennial encroachment


Unrestricted grazing causes some doubt


Members of the audience


A serious scholar


Ahh...warmth at last

Comparing Notes

Comparing notes

Pecan Grove

Pecan grove in Green Valley, Arizona

CAP Recharge

Pima Road CAP recharge project

World Court Huddle

World court huddles on transfer of surface water