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"What," you might ask, "is a WebRing?"  Among other conveniences, the WebRing technology allows remote navigation between member sites.  A server-side navigation bar is provided below the fold of each member's homepage.  A visitor to your site or page is able to access other member sites sequentially, or to choose from the list of member sites. 

There are some distinct advantages to this.  It is likely that some user accessed a specific page because of an interest in the subject of that page.  If more pages on the same subject are readily available, the user is likely to visit those other pages as well.  Our server-side navigation bar is available to every significant search engine worldwide because it now appears on one or more pages that have been indexed by them.  Between search engines, banner exchanges, and dozens of resource lists, this can only mean more hits for your page as a member of StreetRing. 

The WebRing organization maintains a directory of existing WebRings, has keyword search capability, and allows a 200-character description of member sites within each WebRing.  All of this is free.  For further details, see What is a WebRing

StreetRing, our particular take on the technology, is quite literally from the street.  My interest in cooperative, homeless networking via the Internet was spawned on various public-access machines, usually in libraries.  As a member of StreetRing, you'll have occasion to visit my own homepage, which has more detail about this. 

Who should join StreetRing?  While I reserve that decision for myself, as do most responsible ringmasters, I recognize that we are part of a global village.  For too long some of us have sliced and diced groups of people into us and them.  My interest is in expanding the dialogue between homeless people and the rest of humanity.  If you share that interest, StreetRing is for you.  Needless to say, you or your organization must have a Web page. 

Therefore, we extend a cordial invitation to homeless or formerly homeless people, those who find themselves at risk of becoming so, homeless service providers, social workers and other professionals, academics and students, and anyone else with a serious interest in homeless issues, to join StreetRing.  There is neither cost nor obligation involved except to consider the following guideline... 

PG-13 Rating  We may draw media attention with StreetRing.  Other WebRings have.  Any Web site or page that is "patently offensive" to the general Internet audience will not be admitted to membership.  This includes so-called "adult" content or themes, or other material that the Motion Picture Association of America would consider unsuitable for children under the age of seventeen.  Parents have my word on this.  I am not prudish nor do I advocate Internet censorship.  Our task is to convince others of our cause, not to turn them away. 
Alright!  Becoming a member of StreetRing is relatively simple. 

Similar sites are grouped together in Rings and each site is linked to another by a simple navigation bar. Rings are created and maintained by the RingMaster, who determines the look and feel of the Ring, approves sites submitted to the Ring, and encourages others to join. 

To become a member of this Ring, visit this URL:

Here is what the Ring Navigation Bar looks like: 

This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit

Need Help? Visit WebRing online help:

You are also welcome to submit technical questions through StreetRing's newest project -- the StreetRing Discus Board.  Here you may be creative, debate issues with other users, or talk back to the social service empire.  Anonymous posting is permitted, with restrictions.  Registered users may "sign" messages, will be notified via e-mail of responses to their posts, can post replies by e-mail, and upload images to enhance written words.  So, let the dialogue begin.  We hope you will join us.

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